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Baby Einstein Refunds – Not Here

October 26, 2009

IMG_1599This weekend I learned that Baby Einstein is offering refunds to people who purchased their products and may have been disappointed that their babies didn’t actually turn into geniuses.  For more details on the offer from Disney, the parent company of Baby Einstein, read, “No Einstein In Your Crib? Get A Refund” by Tamar Lewin.

I didn’t buy my Baby Einstein videos in the qualifying time period for the refund offer, but I wouldn’t be looking for a refund anyway.  I had absolutely no illusions that watching a video would make my baby smarter.  By the time I had children I was well-versed in the research showing the importance of parent-child interactions in all aspects of child development.

Yet, I bought a couple of Baby Einstein videos anyway.  Note I say “videos” and not dvds so I’m really dating myself.  My children who watched these videos are now 12 and almost 8 years old.  I haven’t really kept up with the marketing of these products in recent years so I’m not sure what claims the company has made about the benefits of their products.  For me though the benefit was clear.  I was able to take a shower!  I could pretty reliably put my baby in her infant seat with a view of the television with Baby Mozart on and have enough time to take a shower without my baby crying.

I used these videos in a limited way – either for my shower or occasionally in the evening to get dinner made. The simple presentation of brightly colored objects in these videos could really hold my daughter’s attention for about 20 minutes.  I didn’t substitute the videos for direct play or “face time” with our babies, but I was grateful for the 20 minutes I could grab here and there by using those videos.

So I’m not looking for a refund.  Since I couldn’t always have another adult in the house to help me entertain and stimulate my babies all the time, I’m grateful that to have had these videos.  And if anyone is interested in some used videos, please let me know!

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  1. January 26, 2011 7:02 pm

    I totally agree with you. I loved those videos/dvd’s. My son is 7 now, he loves classical music and I think he learned a lot from those videos. He watched one a day every day until he was about 5. He loved their cd’s to go along. We would sit together and watch them so I would do some of the narrating where he would learn from those videos. We used the flash cards too. Those cards were perfect when he woke up in his crib. He would read them and talk to them and it was sooooo cute. Being a mom and seeing your child laugh or light up or just be engaged in a video is so pleasing too. I am for Baby Einstein videos/dvd’s – Yes I was able to have 30 minutes of my time as well. He is now 7 years old, doing great in school, loves classical music, and loves to learn! 🙂


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