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Sometimes It’s the Little Things

July 20, 2010

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make our day like a friendly bus driver remembering your name or an unexpected thank you from your teenage daughter. But sometimes it’s also the little things that can bring us down or make us feel inadequate.

My husband and his assistant recently made the big switch from PC to Mac products. Having made this switch myself this past year, I know the stress that’s involved in the process. Today I saw my husband’s assistant and asked her if she’s been able to get any help from the Apple One to One service. She hadn’t been yet because she couldn’t figure out how to schedule it. She could log on to the site but would only see available appointments for that same day. Basically, she was missing a little arrow on the side of the screen to click on to see more available dates. When I showed her how to do it, she said, “I feel like an idiot.” This woman is definitely not an “idiot.” Her struggle reminded me of the time last year that I spent $75 for a repair man to come to the house when an appliance wasn’t working when the “problem” was solved by pressing the reset button on the outlet. Boy, did I feel like an idiot then!

I imagine we all have those moments when we feel foolish or incompetent ~ when we feel like we should have known something that seems obvious in retrospect. Sometimes those moments occur with parenting. I’ve worked with parents who have made small and simple changes (e.g., turning the TV off in the morning, moving dinner time a little earlier or later) which resulted in significant improvement in their child’s behavior. Occasionally they feel like they should have known to make that particular change without having me point it out to them. But it often requires an outside observer to notice the changes to be made in the first place. We all have our blind spots.

I’ve been busy working on my soon to be available Empowered Parenting workbook. Through the exercises in the book, I’m hoping to help you notice some of the little things that you might not have thought of previously.

What’s been your experience with some of the “little things” in life?


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