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Sisters: Finding Connection Through Their Hair

September 12, 2010

So yesterday my youngest daughter experienced her first, though likely not last, tears over her hair. I took her for a trim because her side bangs were getting to be too long. I suppose there was a miscommunication between the hairdresser and me and my daughter because she cut short, straight bangs instead of shaping up the existing side bangs. Although I think she looks cute anyway, she was distraught with her unwanted new bangs.

While I did my best to console her, I knew there was someone at home who would do a much better job at making her feel better than me: her sister. Her sister has also shed some tears over her hair in the past and could relate to exactly what she was feeling. Her sister also spends an incredible amount of time fixing her own hair and has developed some pretty good hairstyling skills. So the older one helped the younger one restyle her hair, feel better, and move on to enjoy the rest of her day.

I was touched to see them connecting and bonding. It really drove home to me the message that we as parents don’t have to do it all. Sometimes there are other people in our children’s lives who can fill a particular need at a particular time better than we as parents can. We have to allow ourselves to be open to inviting those people in.


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  1. September 12, 2010 10:57 am

    My nieces are 16 and 20. While they usually fight more than anything, I love watching when they connect like this over hair, or a boy breaking little sister’s heart and such. Thank God for sisters!

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