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Random Acts of Kindness

February 22, 2011

Last week one of my Facebook friends posted a comment about how touched her family was by the random act of kindness displayed by a stranger who paid for her family’s meal out at a restaurant. I was pretty impressed by this as well. My friend’s story reminded me that I had read somewhere about “Random Acts of Kindness Week,” which was February 14th-20th. Well that week has come and gone, but it’s never too late to show some kindness.

Kindness is such an important topic for parenting. It’s a given that raising happy kids who care about others in the world around them is going to involve kindness and giving. Earlier this month I wrote about a recent find for resources on everyday philanthropy and giving. In writing this article I found another great resource to share which has some wonderful ideas for showing kindness in the world.

The resources described above offer a wealth of ideas for giving outside of your family, but I think it’s also important to find ways to give within our families. Sometimes a random act of kindness given within the family can result in big shifts in mood, tone, and connection. As I had described in my post on one of my favorite holiday traditions, sometimes unexpected small gifts or surprise acts of thoughtfulness can create a sense of warmth and happiness in your family.

So how can you practice random acts of kindness within your own family? Below are a few ideas to get you started, but I’d love to hear ideas from you too. Feel free share in the comments.

– Surprise your spouse with his favorite dinner.
– Leave a little love note in your daughter’s lunch box.
– Give a nice back rub to someone in your family.
– Bring some flowers home to celebrate the day.
– Leave an inspirational quote on the bathroom mirror.

What else can you think of?

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